Penang Attractions

The variety of Penang attractions to take in on a visit to this Malaysian island is surprising, especially due to its small size. Being able to throw in more than one visit to a site in one day is possible because they are in close proximity.

Any location that caters to tourists tends to have some ‘must see ‘sights and ‘must do’ activities and this is also true of Penang, Malaysia. Many Penang attractions fall into this category, but even those that do not are worth a visit. Some sites worthy of being among those that you are sure to enjoy on your trip to Penang, include:

Kek Lok Si Temple

The Temple of Supreme Bliss is another name for this temple, which is the largest one in South East Asia. The beauty of this Buddhist temple is enough to draw visitors, but the seven-story pagoda and the bronze statue of Yuan Yin, the Goddess of Mercy increase the allure. Avoid visiting during the midday as climbing the hill in the heat can be difficult.

Snake Temple

This temple has been around since 1850, and as you would expect from the name you will see some snakes in the temple, which is enough of a thrill for people who love these creatures. This is more for the kids who want to see a live snake or two. Even though the venom has been removed and the smoke from the incense that is always burning is thought to put them in a stupor, it is best to avoid touching or picking up the snakes.

Penang Wall Painting

Children Wall Mural

Children Wall Mural

George Town is the place to see beautiful artwork on walls. The beauty of some of the pieces makes them look like museum pieces. The works of art capture in startling detail street scenes of everyday life and the culture of Penang. Metal sculptures also help to depict an earlier time. Whether you are an art lover or not, this is one attraction you will not want to miss.

Penang Hill

If you want to put in a bit of sightseeing, the 2,750 foot (821 meters) tall Penang Hill or as the locals call it, Bukit Bendera, is worth exploring. Visitors can enjoy the spectacular view from the top after using the funicular railway, which takes about 30 minutes. A mosque, a church and a restaurant are also at the top of the hill.

Penang Butterfly Park

This natural butterfly habitat offers a rare opportunity for people to get close to these colourful creatures. Apart from being a site for visitors, it is also a learning experience if you want to discover more about butterflies and insects.

Teluk Bahang Beach

What helps to make this beach a favorite among tourists is the number of other Penang attractions within the area. Also in this location are the Tropical Spice Garden, Penang Butterfly Farm and the Penang National Park. The beach is not ideal for swimming due to the large jellyfish population, but it is great for relaxing and watching the sunset.

If you have time, visit The Penang National Park, which many say is the smallest national park in the world. Despite its small size, you will find over 143 different types of fauna and over 400 varieties of flora. It also has one of the few meromictic lakes (with waters that do not mix) in the world. This lake, Pantai Kerachut, is one of the reasons for the many visitors to Penang Park.

Other Penang attractions worth visiting include:

  • The Penang Toy Museum
  • The Reclining Buddha Temple
  • The Penang Aquarium
  • The Penang War Museum

The number and types of Penang attractions mean you will find many that will create lasting memories.

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