Penang Events

Attending various types of Penang events is one way to enjoy some of what makes Malaysia a great vacation spot. Not everyone who goes on vacation is seeking to enjoy just the attractions; they also want to take in some of the local entertainment offerings. With Penang, Malaysia, the number of annual and other types of events makes it a worthwhile location for lovers of all things Malaysian.

Penang World Music Festival

People who enjoy traditional music as well as contemporary fare from international stars will definitely get a kick out of this two-day festival. The mix of local musicians will add to the authentic flair of the popular event. So far, all staging of this festival have been in the beautiful Penang Botanical Gardens’ Quarry Park. Before the official start of the festival visitors can enjoy the art and music workshops as they wait for the musical feast to begin.

The two-day ticket costs approximately $45 US.

Penang Bridge International Marathon

Marathons are popular the world over and this one is one of the most popular Penang events. Marathoners from across the globe join local runners of all ages in this annual event. This includes a full marathon, a half marathon, a quarter marathon, and a fun run that is just 10 kilometers. This means that runners have a choice of event that best suits their style and fitness level.

The run takes place over the third largest bridge in the world, The Penang Bridge. Once each year, to accommodate the marathon, officials close the bridge to traffic.  Visitors and runners alike look forward to watching the sunrise from the bridge, which is quite a beautiful sight.

Penang Run

This is one of the must attend activities on the Penang events social calendar. This annual event serves a number of purposes according to its organizers that include:

  • Encouraging healthy living through running
  • Promoting Penang as a ‘running state’
  • To boost the island’s tourism

The interesting thing about this activity is that it is actually a four-part run at different times of the year, namely, May, July, October and January. Each race is over 21 kilometers. Male and female runners over 16 years old can participate in the different categories.

The entry fee is under $20 US per race and around $65 US for all four races.

Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year in Penang

Chinese New Year in Penang

If you love fireworks as only the Chinese can do it, then this is one event you have to see if you are in the area during the Chinese New Year. You never know what cultural delights await you as you take part in this event to count down to the beginning of a new year according to the Chinese calendar. Remember that the date changes from year to year as this celebration differs from the Gregorian calendar. It can be any time from late January to mid-February.

Georgetown Festival

This festival brings together all that goes into making Georgetown a UNESCO Heritage site. During the month-long activity, Georgetown’s culture, cuisine, art and music are on display for everyone to enjoy.

This happens in the summer months, so if you plan on visiting during this festival you will need to plan months ahead so that your visit coincides with the staging of the event. You can expect this anytime between June and August, so you need to check the events calendar before booking your stay. This is a big-ticket item on the Penang events calendar every year.

The wide variety of Penang events means there is something for everyone to enjoy. If you are planning to visit Malaysia, it is a good idea to check for the dates of annual events so that you can try to catch a few of them.

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