Things to Do in Penang

When visiting, whether on vacation or business there are many things to do in Penang that you should include in your itinerary. Like any travel location, the variety of things to do and see will appeal to varying tastes.

Penang Food

Every country and culture has their own unique taste and flavors. Food choices in Penang are a mix of tasty delights from various Asian cultures. The hawkers’ stalls that line various streets are part of the allure of food in Malaysia. When putting together a list of things to do in Penang, make sure to include trying some delicious hawker’s food. Dishes worth sampling include Panang Laksa , Asam Laksa, penang hokkien mee and Char Koay Teow.

In addition to the street vendors (hawkers) there are also many fine restaurants offering the best of Asian and international food. The prices range from cheap to moderate, making it easy to sample a variety of foods.

Penang Wall Painting

There is graffiti and then there is Penang wall painting where art and culture combine to create a thing of beauty. Amateur and professional artists turn the walls of buildings into canvases displaying heart-rending depictions of everyday life. Also on display are many metal sculptures that beautifully tell the story of the history of Georgetown. A visit to this area is something that every visitor should have on his or her list ofthings to do in Penang.

Places to Visit in Penang

With the number of historic and beautiful spots to see in the area, visitors will find lots to experience. Visiting some of the temples and mosques has to be on the list of things to do in Penang. Some religious places of note include Sri Mahamariamman Temple, the Snake Temple and Kapitan Keling Mosque.

Penang World Heritage

Penang World Heritage

No serious visitor can miss a visit to the historic Georgetown (George Town), a UNESCO Heritage site. The buildings display the architecture of bygone eras. To truly enjoy what this city offers, you should take one of the guided tours.

What would a visit to a tropical island paradise be without its beaches?  In Penang there are many to choose from including Teluk Bahang Beach and Monkey Beach. Various water-sporting activities are available in some locations for the young and not so young at heart.

The Penang Butterfly Park offers a special treat for children and adults alike. Apart from seeing these beautiful creatures up close, there are also education tours for visitors to the Park.

Penang Events and Activities

Two very popular events on the social calendar are the Penang Bridge International Marathon and the Penang Run. Runners and marathoners from across the world journey to Malaysia to participate.

If you are in Penang in late January to mid-February, try to take in the Chinese New Year celebration. You will see fireworks displays and an exhibition of Chinese culture.

Penang tourism package has a lot to offer the visitor, whether a tourist or business traveller. Many of the activities, events and attractions will also appeal to children, making the area an ideal family vacation spot. For its small size, the variety of things to do in Penang will require a long stay or repeat visits.

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