Unesco World Heritage Sites

Unesco World Heritage Sites

Unesco world heritage sites offer you a truly cultural, ethnic and diverse experience that is great for families, couples, students and anyone else willing to learn. Unesco, or the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization, is an agency that promotes education, communication and the arts, so you have enough activities to fill your itinerary and keep you from becoming bored.

Penang World Heritage

Cheah Kongsi in Penang

Places to Visit in Penang

Penang, Malyasia has a very rich culture and offers a unique travel experience that is sure to leave you with many memories and a wealth of new knowledge. During your time here, you can visit temples, travel on trails, participate in art seminars or get involved in conservation efforts.

One of the most famous sites is Kek Lok Si Temple, otherwise known as the Temple of Supreme Bliss, as it is the largest Buddhist temple in southern Asia. Many believe its location is one with powers for immortality because of its reputation for having the greatest amount of feng shui. Built in 1893, this temple is also one of great historical significance and the best time to visit is during the Chinese New Year.

Among the other great Unesco world heritage sites is the Penang Heritage Trail, which is not so much a trail as a guided tour. You can begin this tour at a number of locations, many of which are hotels, and you may decide to walk or take a carriage ride led by a bicycle.

During your tour, you can expect to see historical sites, such as churches, mansions and temples, pass by museums and go through the market place. You can select from a variety of tours, some of which include trips through the mansions and museums, as well as shopping so make sure you look into the trails offered at your time of visit so you have the best experience possible.

The Snake Temple Penang is another place on the list of Unesco World Heritage Sites that you might enjoy during your time in this Malaysian state. This temple is full of history, legends and snakes, though not as many as there once were when this landmark opened in 1805. You can find this tribute to the late Chinese Monk and healer, Chor Soo Kong, in the town of Bayan Lepas where the bell still tolls on the 1st and 15th of each month, as an invitation for the good and the bad to come and pray.

During your trip, you may also learn about the history of snakes not only in healing or as the tools of medicine men, but as deities or demons in Old World religions.

The Unesco World Heritage Sites provide so much information on things to see and do while you are in Penang and since this is usually a once in a lifetime trip, you should do plenty of research and plan on staying a couple of weeks in order to experience all of the wonders that this historic state has to offer. If you plan on going as a family, definitely make sure your children are old enough to remember and get the most out of this vacation, as it is a shame to waste such an experience.

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